Chromatic Dance

Livestream Broadcast Terms and Conditions

Livestream classes are taught to the attendees at Mosaic Erie's office.  To help ensure that the class stays on schedule, online attendees are asked to hold any questions until the Q&A session at the end of each session or at designated points throughout the session as deemed appropriate by the instructor.  The instructor may mute online attendees until the designated times to eliminate background distractions.  Chat will always be open; however, due to the nature of the class the instructor may not see messages right away and will try to acknowledge any concerns as soon as possible.


Livestreaming is available to paid subscribers only.  Attendees who can not prove that they registered will be removed from the feed immediately.  When attending the class be sure to register under the same name that you used during the checkout process to avoid any problems.

Instructions for attending the class will be sent out no later than 24 hours before the start of each class.  Reminders will be sent out one hour before the start of each class.  If you are experiencing any difficulty please e-mail

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